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Thursday 15th March 2018

SENIORS March Stableford

NOT PLAYED Course closed/waterlogged via heavy rain


Monday 5th March 2018

SENIORS Winter League (Home)-v- Weston Turville GC

NOT PLAYED Course closed/Snow still present

REARRANGED for Monday 26th March 2018


Saturday 3rd March 2018

MENS March  Medal

NOT PLAYED Course closed/Snow & freezing Temperatures


Thursday 1st March 2018

SENIORS March Medal

NOT PLAYED Course closed/Snow & freezing Temperatures


Seniors Winter Breakfast league

Tuesday 20th February

Little Hay v Aylesbury Vale GC at Little Hay

Little Hay team win 4½ - 1½


Thursday 22nd February 2018

Seniors Fun Away Day (at The Three Locks GC  Stableford.)

WINNER               Tony Mayhew (12)       35 pts

2nd                         Dennis Warren (18)    32 pts

3rd                          Vic Allen (22)

Longest Drive      Paul Mudd

Nearest Pin          Mike Mason


Saturday 17th February 2018

Men February Stableford (The Alan Irwin Shield)

WINNER       Brian Ridgeway (20)        41 pts

2nd                 Martin Evans     (20)        40 pts ( on Ctbk)

3rd                  Karl Burn            (9)          40 pts


Junior Competition Friday February 16th.

1st place was Jan Lijanwela with 62 points

2nd place was Harry Miller with 38 points.

3rd place was Junior Dong with 35 points

4th place was Darcie West with 34 points

5th place was Adam Larkin with 27 points.

6th place was Thomas Ashton with 26 points.


Thursday 15th February 2018

SENIORS  February Stableford ( One Division only)

WINNER      Trevor V. Sargent (15)     39 pts

2nd                David A. Smith      (17)     37 pts( on ctbk)

3rd                 John Burrows        (9)       37 pts

4th                 Paul Mudd              (5)       37 pts


Saturday 3rd February 2018


Div 1 (h'caps 0-14)

WINNER   Mick Whelan    76-10c=66

2nd             Karl Burn          76-9c=  67

3rd              Ben Alford       78-11c= 67


Div 2  (h'caps 15-28 )

WINNER    Tom Wood              80-14c= 66

2nd              Trevor V Sargent    86-15c= 71

3rd               Colin Staines          94-20c=74


Thursday 1st February 2018


WINNER     Dennis Warren      87-18c=69

2nd               Paul Whiter            81-12c=69

3rd                Paul Mudd             75-5c=  70


MENS RESULTS from on and after 4th November 2017 to and including Saturday 20th January 2018

Saturday 4th November 2017

Mens Monthly Medal    NOT played as Course CLOSED due to Heavy Rain.

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Mens Monthly Medal

Div. 1.

WINNER       Ben Alford   net 67   (79-12)

2nd                Tong Tse           net 70    (78-8 )

3rd                 Sam Deering    net 73    (80-7 )


WINNER      Trevor V. Sargent   net 72  (87-15 )

2nd                Martin Bull               net 74 (99-25 )

3rd                 Colin Staines         net 75 (95-20 )

Saturday 9th December 2017

Mens TURKEY SHOOT (Stableford)

WINNER      Sam Deering      with 37 points.

Saturday 6th January 2018

Mens Monthly Medal (only one Division)

WINNER   Tong Tse         net 66      (74-8 )

2nd              Paul Rolfe      net 69      (79-10 )

3rd               Karl Burn       net 69      (78-9 )

The Gordon Forster Bowl ( Little Hay GC v Huntswood GC)

Saturday 6th January 2018

This is a NAPGC Competition with Two LHGC players playing Two Huntswood players at Huntswood and Two of each Club playing simultaneously at LHGC     each Home & Away Teams play their own balls in a Stableford format and each Team of Four has their Home & Away Stableford Scores AGGREGATED and the highest points total WINS through to the next round.

WINNERS     Little Hay GC    wth 129 points to Huntswood GC      124

TEAM Members:Mick Whelan/Paul Whiter at LH   &   John Redgwell/Trevor V. Sargent at Huntswood

LHGC playing RUISLIP GC in the next round on Saturday 10th February 2018.

Saturday 20th January 2018

Founders Day (Stableford)

WINNER        Tong Tse                       42 points (off 7)

2nd                  Dr. Steve Wilkinson     36 points  (off 7)  on countback

3rd                   Ivan Lawrence              36 points (off 13)

SENIORS RESULTS from and on Monday 4th December 2017 to and including 18th January 2018.


Seniors & Ladies ( Turkey Trot Pairs Comp:Combined Stableford Scores off Mens Yellow Tee S.I
and FULL Handicaps.)

WINNERS        Tony Mayhew (12) & Gill Howells (32)   with Combined 71 Stableford points.

2nd                     Trevor V. Sargent(15) & Dorothy Norman (31)  Combined 67 Stableford points.

Seniors Monthly Stableford

Thursday 7th December 2017

WINNER        Paul Mudd (5)          20 points

2nd                  Nigel Hopkinson     19 points

NB: This Competition was curtailed/reduced to a 9-hole comp  because of Hard Rain/Strong Wind.

Seniors Monthly Stableford

Thursday 18th January 2018


WINNER       Mick Milne (7)                   39 points

2nd                Peter Balding (18)            37 points

3rd                Trevor V. Sargent (15)      36 points


WINNER       Geoffry Selley (24)            34 points  (on Countback)

2nd                 Robin Rose (24)               34 points

3rd                  Sylvester Nolan (27)         31 points